Colombia Day 10 – City Tour

Today we got to see some of the sites and sounds of Cali. Enrique arranged a city tour for us with his driver. He likes doing this for all of the adopting families so they get a chance to see the city. We had no idea were we were going to go or what we would see, but it sounded like fun and we needed a reason to get out for awhile. So off we went.

Did I mention that the driver didn’t speak English? =) It made things a little interesting, but I guess he had done this enough times that he could communicate the important details. Honestly, the views we say spoke for themselves. We had no idea that Cali was so big and so beautiful!!!

We drove up to the highest point of the city, the Cristo Rey, which is a huge statue of Christ that looks down over the city. On one side you have this huge city that seems to go on forever, and on the other side, these incredible mountains that stand between us and the Pacific Ocean. It was amazing.

After coming back down we visited one of the oldest trees in Cali. The root system of the tree spread out over a entire hillside. Next door stood a monastery which we were able to tour. A dear sweet nun blessed Cameron as we were leaving. It was very sweet.

Cali is a wonderful city! Definitely someplace that we want to visit again!

Day 10 Photos

Day 10 Videos

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I didn’t take any photos of the monastery. I wasn’t sure if flash photography was a good idea. Just off the main room where we were standing were some nuns chanting and I didn’t want to disturb them. Here is some video from inside the main worship area.