Colombia Day 15 – McDonald’s Day

That’s right! We decided to eat lunch at McDonald’s today. We needed to get some KLIM for Cameron so we decided to take a taxi to a shopping center called Chipichapa. It is a really nice up scale shopping center with a food court, movie theater, and lots of name brand shops. It was interesting to see how many of the shops were American brand clothing. We were really trying to find some authentic Colombian shops, but this shopping center didn’t seem to have any. There was another Exito so we were able to get Cameron’s milk.

The highlight though was lunch at McDonald’s! We thought that we would be able to walk up to the counter and say, “Combo Uno!” However, there weren’t any numbers on the menu!! A little stunned, we mumbled through the Spanish words on the menu and ordered a Happy Meal for Cameron and two Quarter Pounder meals for Mommy and Daddy. They gave Cameron the biggest Happy Meal box we had every seen!! We could’ve put him in it and carried him around the mall! Lunch was good, tasted just like in the states.

We had hoped to hear some more news today regarding our court process, but Magnolia called and said that there was nothing new to report. She said that they would know more tomorrow. We will be meeting with her tomorrow morning around 10 AM to see what is happening. We’ll report more tomorrow.

Day 15 Photos

Day 15 Videos

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Here is French Fry Boy doing his little French Fry Dance! You can’t see it as well in the video, but he is shaking his whole body back and forth. Ain’t he cute!

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The dancing fountain in the Chipichapa Shopping Center