Colombia Day 17 – Signing Sentencia

Sentencia is signed!!! Cameron David Mulvehill is officially our son as of today, June 30th, 2010!

Magnolia came to the hotel around 9 AM to get me to go and finalize the adoption. Because we were going downtown it is customary for only one parent to accompany the interrupter to the court to sign the sentencia. Because parking is impossible, we took a taxi to the central square in Downtown Cali. Downtown Cali is an incredibly busy place. People everywhere, taxis, motorcycles, street vendors, life in the big city. It was sensory overload for me. It was hard to walk in a straight line because there was so much happening around me and so many things to see.

The main Justice Building in Cali was bombed two years ago (news story). They are still working on the damage so all of the family courts have been moved to different locations in the city. Our court (family court #7) was located above a shopping center a block from the downtown square. We got on the elevator and went to the sixth floor to wait for Elena, the lawyer, to arrive. The “court” was just an office with a lot of people waiting for help. Magnolia and I waited outside while Elena retrieved the paperwork from the office. She brought everything into the hallway and we verified the spelling of our names. Then Magnolia handed me a pen and right there in the midst of all the people, I signed the sentencia finalizing our adoption of Cameron David Mulvehill Hatmaker(as it will appear on his birth certificate). In Colombia the children take both the names of the father and mother, so poor Cameron is going to have one long name in Colombia! =)

The afternoon was spent at a mall getting Cameron’s passport and visa pictures. Magnolia and Elena will be traveling to Buga tomorrow to get Cameron’s birth certificates and if they get back in time we will try and get his passport tomorrow as well. If everything goes as planned, we should be traveling back to Bogota on Friday morning.

Though we are excited about the prospect of getting home next week, there is a bit of sadness about leaving our new friends here in Cali. It has been an amazing adventure with the most incredible blessing ever!

Day 17 Photos