Colombia Day 18 – Birth Certificates

Buga - Where Cameron is From

Today was the day to get Cameron’s new birth certificate. Our lawyer, Elena sent an associate to Buga to pick up the new certificates. Unfortunately, a number of details came together today that are going to make it impossible for us to make it to Bogota tomorrow as we had hoped. Monday is Saint Peter and Paul day in Colombia and it has made traveling on the weekend a bit difficult. That combined with road construction in Bogota would make it impossible to get to the doctor’s office in time. So instead of flying to Bogota on Friday, we have decided to hang out at the Hotel Pension Stein until Sunday (all flights were booked on Monday). Hopefully we will be able to visit the ICBF and Embassy Doctor on Tuesday. Then we will be able to apply for Cameron’s visa on Wednesday, pick it up on Thursday and fly home on Friday. That is as long as there aren’t any other delays.

We went out this morning to get a few last minute supplies since we thought we might be leaving tomorrow. We took a different way back to the hotel just for fun and got to see another few blocks of the city. Other than that, we spent the day hanging out at the hotel waiting for news. We are supposed to meet Magnolia and Elena tomorrow at 9 AM to go and get the passport. Hopefully we will have more news tomorrow.

Thanks for all of the continued prayer and support. God Bless!

Awaiting His Coming,
Patrick, Mary Ann, & Cameron