Colombia Day 23 – Doctor’s Visit

Not much to report today except that the US Embassy doctor says we have a health baby boy! We had our appointment this evening at 5 PM and everything went fine. He gave us an envelope with the necessary documents to submit when we apply for the US Visa. It was very easy and painless.

The only problem that we ran into today was some confusion about our original paperwork (go figure) and whether we needed the ICBF conformity letter in order to apply for the visa. Somehow the office in Cali didn’t think we needed it, so they didn’t fax the necessary papers to the Bogota office last Friday. This meant that we weren’t able to pickup the conformity letter today. Carmen, Isabel’s assistant, made some phone calls and got the paperwork submitted today so the plan is to go to the ICBF offices first thing in the morning and then over to the Embassy before 11 AM to apply for the visa. If all goes well in the morning, we should have Cameron’s visa by Thursday at 3 PM.

The one thing that is worrying us right now is the flight home on Friday. I checked the Delta site this evening and there are only a dozen or so seats left on the flight. That could cause us some problems so everyone please pray that we are able to get our tickets changed without any problems.

Sorry, we didn’t really get any pictures today, again. Hopefully we will be able to get some tomorrow, though we can’t take the camera to the US Embassy. They don’t allow any type of electronic device to be brought in by visitors. Fun.

However, I do have a never before seen video of Cameron at bath time. I didn’t put this out here early because I feared I would scare his ego for life, but Mary Ann said it would be okay. He is just too cute!

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Cameron Loves Bath Time!