Colombia Day 9 – Swimming Pool

We found out today that we have been assigned to court #7 which apparently is a really good thing. Our translator says that court #7 is a fast court and that everything should go smoothly. There are three steps in the court process. Once we sign the final adoption decree (called sentencia), the only steps left here in Cali will be to get Cameron’s Colombian passport and copies of his new birth certificate. Then we will travel back to Bogota for a doctor’s visit, a final paper from the ICBF, and then to the US Embassy for Cameron’s visa. Then it will be changing our plane tickets and coming home.

We decided to celebrate by spending a little time in the pool. Cameron loves bath time, so we figured the pool would be fun. He didn’t like baths at first, but it might have been the whole idea of a couple of strangers trying to bathe him. We were right, he loves the water!

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Taking it slow. The water was so cold that slow was the only way to go!

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Didn’t take long though. Cameron kept throwing his ball into the big pool.