Day 11 – Outing to the Mountains

cooper_day_11_featureSunday’s are normally the day that Heinrich (the hotel owner) takes the adopting families on an afternoon outing for lunch. However, this week Heinrich had a number of family members come into town, including his mother who lives in Sweden. So instead of our normal outing, we had the unique privilege of visiting with some of Magnolia’s family up in the mountains between Cali and Dagua. Magnolia has a cousin who has a lovely house in the country (as you can see from all of the pictures that we took).

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This was a welcome distraction for the boys and for Mary Ann and I. This country is so amazing and so beautiful. The people here are so happy, no matter what their economic status and so proud of everything they have and do. There is so much to be learned from the Colombian people.

A special thank you goes out to Magnolia for sharing her family with us. =)

Note: I have some video too that I will post a little later once I get my video editing account upgraded. =)