Day 8 – Another Lazy Day in Cali

Well, today was another lazy day where we just chose to stay around the hotel and get to know each other a little more. It has been amazing how different our experience this time has been. We are pretty sure that Cameron came from a foster home where he was the only baby. Cooper came from a home where there were two other children. Cameron was relatively quite and reflective, were Cooper is a little more active. Cameron wasn’t speaking at all, were as Cooper has a few Spanish words that he uses regularly and is already repeating English words.

Meal times have been fun, as we seem to be the only people here eating lunch and dinner. Breakfast is a part of everyone’s stay, but the other meals can be optional or ordered from a menu. It has been good to have the dining room all to ourselves this week as it allows Cooper to focus just on us.

Cameron loves the playground, but is such a dare devil. Today we were playing and he told me he was going to climb all the way up on top of the monkey bars. I told him that it wasn’t a good idea and that if he did, we were going to have to go inside. He thought about it a minute and said, “Okay Daddy, one time and then we can go inside.” What was I supposed to say? I have got to start watching the way I word things. =) And yes, the little monkey climbed all the way on top and across the monkey bars.

Please continue to pray for Cooper. We still don’t think everything has completely settled in his little mind about what is going on. We just continue to love on him, care for him, and pray that God will do the rest in his heart.