Day 9 – Notary Day and the Market

Today began with a trip to the Public Notary’s office. (Well, I guess it really began when Cameron put one of the legs from mommy’s jeans on his head. Since we didn’t pack the right clothes, Mary Ann decided to cut off a pair of jeans…Cameron saw an opportunity)  In order for our attorney to act on our behalf in the Cali court system, we have to sign a document stating this fact and then have it notarized. Fortunately, there is a public notary about three blocks from the hotel, so we are able to just walk there. Unfortunately, the lawyer’s office had spelled my name wrong on the document. When the notary compared my passport to the document, he immediately rejected the document. So we headed back to the hotel to try to get the lawyer to redo the documents. Since our integration meeting is set for Monday morning at 8 AM, we had to get this done today.

Meanwhile, while we waited for the lawyer’s office, Magnolia graciously took us to the open market. We had gone there last time and wanted to experience the sights, sounds, and smells again. We knew that Cameron would love all of the fruit, and he certainly did. It is such an amazing experience, we loved every minute.

When we returned to the hotel, the lawyer’s office had still not responded to our request for a corrected document, so Magnolia went to work on the hotel computer recreating the document. Once finished, we grabbed the boys and head back down to the public notary where we were finally able to get the notarized documents that we needed while Cameron and Cooper enjoyed the little rock garden setup in the center of the office.

We are very excited about another family that is coming on Sunday from the states. They will be stay here at the hotel and adopting a 13 year old girl from Buga, where Cameron and Cooper are from. Right now, we are pretty much by ourselves for lunch and dinner. It will be nice to have some other adults to talk too that are going through the same things we are.