Help From Above

The provision of the Lord never ceases to amaze me! We are so grateful to the Kindred Hearts family for giving us the opportunity to raise the necessary funds to adopt David through the holiday kiosk they provided for us to manage. And we are equally grateful to the members of our family that have agreed to sacrifice their holiday season to help us with this incredible undertaking! None of this would be possible without all of these incredible people! Here is some video of the kiosk. Please feel free to stop by and see if there is anything that might touch your heart! It is always good to have a product that is good, but it is amazing to have something that can really touch the hearts and lives of people. We believe that the Kindred Hearts line of products does just that.

You can also visit them at for other product offerings. If you see something you like online, you can let me know and we can order it through the kiosk so that a portion of the sales will help with the adoption.

God Bless!
Awaiting His Coming,
Patrick, Mary Ann, and Cameron