Please Continue to Pray

Please know that your prayers are definitely making a difference! God did another miracle this last week that can only be attributed to His marvelous grace and your prayers!

Our adoption process has one unique twist that is not common to most adoptions, our adoption agency closed in December of 2009. We found out about the closing about a week before we got the news that we had been chosen to adopt Cameron. Because the agency (World Partners Adoption in Atlanta, Georgia) had walked us through the first half of the adoption, everything was good to move forward with the adoption. With the help of the previous director of WPA, we have been moving forward without problem.

Last week we discovered that the ICBF (the Colombian agency we are adopting through) needed a certified adoption agency to complete the post-adoption reporting required by the Colombian government. This newly discovered need sent me (Patrick) into a tail spin trying to find an agency that would handle this requirement. After two days of searching and contacting sixteen different agencies, we finally found a couple of agencies that were willing to help us. After evaluating the requirements of each agency and the additional cost of using a second agency ($1000+), we decided to get Bethany Christian Services, an agency out of Michigan, to help us with the necessary reporting.

We are very thankful that Bethany for their help in this matter. Just one more stressful rollor coaster ride for us. But it is just one more amazing way that God showed His mercy to us and reminded us that He is still in control. Thank you for your continued prayers.

So, where do things stand? Well, we are still waiting for our 171H approval form from the USCIS office in Atlanta. Once we have that we should get our invitation to travel. Then we can get our travel visas which will be from Chicago or Miami. After that, we should be off to Colombia. It is unlikely that we will have everything finished by April 9th, but we are still praying that it might happen.

Here is the updated prayer list:

  • Pray that we get our 171H approval from the USCIS office.
  • Pray that the approval gets filed at the US Embassy in Colombia quickly.
  • Pray that we get our invitation to travel quickly.
  • Pray that we can get our travel visas without any problems.
  • Pray for Cameron, that he will be with us soon.

Thanks again for your continued support and prayers.

Awaiting His Coming,
Patrick & Mary Ann Mulvehill