T-Minus 24 Days and Counting

Well, last night we celebrated the receiving of our presentation date and the booking of our airfare to Colombia! We are scheduled to leave on January 3rd from the Atlanta Airport and will be united with Cooper for the first time on January 8th in Cali, Colombia! The past couple of days have been extremely emotional as we had really wanted to spend Christmas in Colombia with Cooper. However, we discovered that the courts would be closing before we could get down there and would not be re-opening until January 14th. That meant we would have to spend an additional month in-country with no movement on our case. It was going to be so expensive and no matter how we tried to budget, we were just not going to be able to do it. So, we resigned ourselves to January, knowing that God has this whole thing under control. As hard as it will be to spend Christmas without him, we know God has a plan, and that we have a lifetime of Christmas’ head of us.

So, now we have 24 days to get everything in order for our trip. I will try to begin posting more regularly as the day approaches and will post daily once we begin our journey.

Please continue to pray for us and especially for Cooper during the holiday season. We are so gratefully to everyone for their prayers and financial support. We will never be able to repay the kindness of so many, but we know that God will bless each of you beyond anything that we could ever do.

God Bless.
Awaiting His Coming,
Patrick, Mary Ann, Cameron, and soon to be Cooper