Update October 2004

Well, the paperwork is done!! Praise the Lord! Our application for adoption is being translated and will be heading for Colombia any day. Now comes the hard part, waiting. We are expecting a six to eight month waiting period before we hear anything from Colombia. Once our paperwork is finished and sent to Colombia, the legal process of our adoption begins. The agency in Colombia will process our application and then match us up with our children. The next thing that we will hear from them will probably be a letter in the mail with pictures and medical information for two children in Colombia, South America, that need a mom and dad. The waiting won’t be fun, but the reward will be worth it!

Please continue to pray for our kids. Even though we don’t know who they are, God does and it is very probable that they are alive and living in or near Bogota, Colombia. There is a lot of unrest in their country, so pray for their safety. If we are able to get an infant then that child may be born soon. Pray that God will prepare our way as only He can.

The next several months will be filled with fund raising and preparation for our travel. Things aren’t slowing down on any front. Things are moving along at church and there are a lot of activities coming up this next year. Pray that God will help us to keep our schedules prepared for our trip to Colombia.

Thank you very much for your prayers and support. If you would like to get in touch with us, check out our contact page. God Bless!